Your Guides in Bhutan

IMG_9846About Kutira:

My Work, My Passion, My Love, My Karma

All of the above ingredients create the base of my magical life. My love is made visible in what I stand for and what I am creating.

I am an author, musician, spiritual environmental activist, social entrepreneur, a teacher and creator of Embodied Spirituality and founder of the Kahua Hawaiian Institute. I have been a mentor to many students and teachers around the world. I dedicate a big part of my life empowering women and organizations which support ecological awareness and health education. My groundbreaking work in sustainable living is globally acknowledged and I am honored to share my knowledge with the Bhutanese Government, the Royal Family and other wonderful Bhutanese friends.

When I met Her Majesty the Queen Mother Ashi Dorji Wangchuck for the first time I said: “I am Swiss, I live in Hawaii and in my heart I am Bhutanese”. Since then I have been invited back many times. I enjoyed the coronation of the 5th King, weddings, rituals, sacred dances and teachings.

Occasionally I am leading small groups or individual friends to Bhutan. I introduce them to the projects I am involved with and of course show them the beauty of the country and its people. It is my honor to create a Sacred Journey to the Hidden Treasures of Bhutan for you.

My Host and Guides in Bhutan: Through the years I have developed a special relationship with my hosts. They are awesome people and enjoy the company of my friends. Truly a cultural exchange. Also, the drivers and the official Bhutanese guides will be with us around the clock. As you come to know them, you will weave a bond with them. Get to know them and find out what it means to live in the country of National Gross Happiness. They are specially trained to navigate a bus through the windy roads over high passes or explain to you the meaning of a painting on a wall in a beautiful sacred place. Each time I learn more and I personally believe you will be in the best hands of a wonderful team.