Bhutan Testimonials

Please enjoy some of the thoughts of previous participants in the sacred journey to Bhutan.






“Bhutan was completely unique and different anywhere I’ve traveled. Kutira’s tour covered fascinating natural and cultural aspects of this Buddhist country, yet left time for auspicious meetings with spiritual teachers, and even a bit of karaoke. It was the people we met – through gracious, thoughtful encounters with Bhutanese from many walks of life – that made this trip so special…plus traditional hot stone baths and incredible food!”

– Andy Fusso, Fall 2015

“Thinking and feeling you all as I reflect on our amazing time together, thank you for your unique energies that brought something so rich and magical to the whole! May this coming year be the bringer of our dreams, deeper truths, love, light, and laughter. Bhutan enriched my soul in so many wonderful ways.Thank you all!”

– Sara Wheater, Inspirational Coach

“I am still savoring moments we shared together from the crazy streets of Kathmandu to the pristine rivers and falls of Bhutan.  This trip was life changing for me.  When I returned I immediately was invited to a new job as hypnotherapist for a complementary medical center which I start next week.  Today my doctors said I no longer qualify for oxygen at home as my lungs are working really well!! It is as if I stepped off the plane into a new life.  Thank you all for your support and care.  I look forward to our paths crossing again—in Laos or at the conference in Bhutan or ??? Blessings on your new year.  May all that was born in you from these experiences manifest more of the real you and the life you were meant to lead. I’m happy you are part of my journey.”

– Kate Anderson, Hypnotherapist