Mystic Heart ~ Divine Union

Journey into the Mystic Heart of Bali Celebrating Divine Union

For couples and singles.

Come join us for an unforgettable time in the sacred temples of Bali and stay with us at the Water Palace of Tirtagangga, the royal place of a former king of Bali.

Journey with a group of like-minded, loving people into the Heart of Mystic Bali.  A pilgrimage of self-discovery and opening our hearts; filled with ritual, dance, prayer, poetry and song. We will explore a way of being with ourselves rooted in the reality of the spirit of kindness. We will pamper ourselves, travel into our own divine being and celebrate the eternal spiral dance of wisdom.

The veil between heaven and earth is lifted on an island where 50 million prayers are offered each day. With so much mature love, telepathy, and openness  to guide us, we journey into our own mystic heart. This island is quite spiritual and shamanic by nature.

With the land, people and teachers of Bali as our main inspiration, we will, in addition to Kutira and Raphael’s teaching, introduce you to special invited guest teachers with a different focus.

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All accommodations are based on double occupancy.


Schedule subject to change depending on size of group.

Day 1
Arriving in Denpasar. Transferring to Ubud by taxi (about 40 min). Ubud is the cultural center in Bali, home of many local and international artists.

Welcome Dinner and sharing of logistics and schedule.

Day 2
Gathering in the morning, opening the circle.
Afternoon shopping for our traditional Balinese dress called a Kabaya for visiting the temples and participating in ceremonies.
And pampering ourselves with a traditional Javanese health and beauty treatment. Choose between a Lulur or spice bath or a Balinese Boreh. This treatment is a centuries old recipe using pure and simple herbs and spices, which are designed to increase the blood circulation and ease aches and pains. Or enjoy a one hour massage where afterwards your body is scrubbed with lulur to remove dead skin. Relax in soaking aromatic flowers and slowly sip a spicy ginger tea.

For the evening get dressed for a very rarely performed Kecak Dance which involves a chorus of at least 50 men. They sit in concentric circles around an oil lamp and begin to chant. The sound they make is “cak-cak-cak-cak-“, up to seven different rhythmical combination’s of the chant are interwoven, creating a tapestry of vocal sounds as the musical accompaniment to the dance. This fiery trance dance will be a special ritual/ceremony for your journey.

Day 3
Traveling from Ubud through lush green rice terraces via Tampaksiring, to the famous Water Palace of Tirtagangga. We will visit one of the most beautiful valleys leading to a Hindu Temple surrounded by Buddhist monk caves. Afternoon yoga, resting, swimming in the sacred pool, originating from a well of the temple, exploring the amazing palace and getting settled into our new environment. Some of us will stay at the near by beach house of our friend Emerald.

“Words are not enough to express my gratitude for the opportunity you have provided. It has been both life changing and heart opening experience.”
– Greta Closius, Texas

Day 4
Dressed in our Kabaya’s we will visit a Sacred Balinese Tantric Temple, headed by a high priestess. It is rare that a priestess is in charge of the temple, mostly men are holding this position. This will be a special offering ceremony.

Day 5

A day of play at a picture perfect white sand beach. We swim, drink fresh coconut milk, relax, and enjoy each other’s company; and practice the language of the heart. Creative artistic expression in the evening. Exploring the Mystic Heart.

Day 6
Special surprises and ceremonies at the Water Palace with dancers and a feast.

“The richness of the Bali environment, especially Tirtagangga was the setting for a feast for Body, Mind, Emotion and Spirit.”
Joan Heartfield, Maui

Day 7
Traveling back to Ubud, via Klungkung where we will visit the Hall of Justice and the famous market known for its rare fabrics. Back in Ubud, we will enjoy the artistic abundance and ground our spirit back into the worldly domain. One more celebration of our bodies with the luxurious offering of water, flowers and delicious oils.

Day 8
Closing Circle after Breakfast. After breakfast, Kutira will share some of her successful shopping tips and introduce you to local and international artists.

Kutira & Raphael

Kutira and Raphael

Kutira and Raphael

have been married for more than 15 years and have blended their skills and talents together in spiritual and creative projects. They are the directors of the Kahua Hawaiian Institute on Maui.

Kutira is an internationally known Tantra teacher and recording artist. She uses her background in psychology along with deep spiritual practice to help bring out and nurture the true calling of each individual. She has a background in breath work, body work, bioenergetics, and compassionate communication.

Raphael is an accomplished and world-renowned new age musician and uses the strength of his intuitive and psychic abilities to create personalized music based on each individual. He studied at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and worked as a musician at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California for 12 years. He also has a deep understanding of Tantra from a man’s point of view.

Together, Kutira and Raphael have released 9 albums and a 2 musical DVD’s. Both are passionate ecological activists and invite you to visit them in their beautiful sustainable eco retreat center in Maui.

Bali Coordinator

Sohana Match

Sohana Match

Sohana has been living in Bali for the past 17 years so she has lots of helpful information to share.  After a personal tragedy, she changed the course of her life from being a librarian to following her passion:  designing jewelry, beading and working with gemstones.  While living in India, she took her art to the next level by  studying the spiritual aspect of gemstones and design.  She trained as a kinesiology practitioner, Aura Soma practitioner and Reiki Master which enables her to tune in to the energy of gemstones and healing.

Recently she attended the Oneness University in India and is certified to give the Oneness Blessing.  She will be doing this for anyone in our group who wishes to receive it.During our retreat, she will make her collection of Sacred Art available to be worn and felt during our rituals.  She creates empowering, healing, mystical jewelry for the God and Goddess in You.  These are contemporary, symbolic designs of the ancient Spirit; they are power pieces for spiritual transformation and bring radiance to the wearer.

Trip Details


The price includes all food at the Tirtagangga Water Palace and Beach House and all breakfasts in Ubud, transportation in Bali, dances, accommodations, teachers and hostess fee.

While in Ubud, you are encouraged to explore the many restaurants and eateries in the local community. Your lunches and dinners in Ubud are left up to your own tastes and desires.

Also not included is your International flight, airport taxes and taxi to and from the airport.

If you would like to reserve a space call our office. A $600.00 deposit is required in order to secure your space. All accommodations are based on double occupancy.


Balinese massage approx. $10, Spa visit approx. $10 – $20.

We will send you a small, important what to pack list but you will be traveling very light, as you will fill your bags with all the unbelievably inexpensive treasures of Bali. A valid passport is needed to go to Bali, and due to the new security measures, your passport must be valid for 6 months AFTER YOU RETURN HOME.

Cancellation/Deposit Policy

A $600.00 non-refundable deposit will be charged with your enrollment. Payment in full must be received 60 days prior to the workshop with a check. Cancellations 60 days prior to arrival time  plus a $150.00 office fee are transferable to another Bali journey or any other workshop offered by Kahua Institute, within the next two years, but are non-refundable. Cancellations are non-transferable and non-refundable when within the 2 month departure date.