Sacred Travels

What is a journey?

A  journey is not a trip.

It’s not a vacation.

It is a process.  A discovery.

It is a process of self-discovery.

A journey brings us face to face
with ourselves.

A journey shows us not only the world,
but how we  fit in

Does the person create the journey
or does the journey create the person?

The journey is life itself.
Where will life take you?


Kutira Décosterd was born in the Swiss Alps, awakened in the Himalayas and lives with her husband and co-creator Raphael on the island of Maui in an artistic spiritual community. She is an author, musician, spiritual environmental activist, social entrepreneur and founder of the Kahua Hawaiian Institute, established in 1985. Kutira has been a mentor to many students and teachers and dedicates a big part of her time to empowering women and organizations who support ecological education.

In addition to this work, she leads small groups to Bhutan, the Jewel of the Himalayas, where she has been deeply involved for a number of years. Through her relationships with the Bhutanese Government, the people and the Royal Family, she has been able to share her knowledge in the fields of sustainability, health, and female empowerment with love. Her strong connections to the country make her an extraordinary guide and leader, with the ability to show her guests the jewels of a beautiful and inspiring nation.

Kutira is a very entertaining speaker and presenter. Her groundbreaking work in sustainable living is globally acknowledged and her Embodied Spirituality and Body-Mind- Morphing Retreats provide a fertile ground for growth.  If you would like to experience her transformational ability for yourself, come and visit the Maui Eco Retreat and partake in a personal or group retreat.