“It is with gratitude that My Grounding to the Earth Oil has been christened officially, ‘Feel Your Feet’.  Thank you Kutira and Raphael for the beauty and simplicity of your work, and all the support I have received from you the past few years.” Lisa Gebbia, Student of Embodied Spirituality

“Traveling to Bali with Kutira and a powerful circle of spiritual and divine femininity, was one of the highlights of my year!  We entered into and journeyed through a magical mystery tour I can barely believe. I fell in love so many times a day and throughout the evening and the night. With the flowers as abundant as the stars in the sky I felt I could reach out and pick them to accompany the bouquet in my hand.  I had to see myself magnified once again to my several selves.  And so will you!  Caroline Muir, Founder of the Divine-Feminine Institute, co-Author of ‘Tantra – the Art of Conscious Loving”