Adventures in Music Healing


with Raphael

And so I was in California making an album for Hearts of Space and my beloved Kutira was in Bali on one of her many spiritual travels. Now for 2 weeks old “Mr. overly independent Raphael” was o.k. However, after 2 weeks it hit me. I was sad. I missed her. My eyes were sad, because they couldn’t see her. My ears were sad, because they couldn’t hear her beautiful voice. My hands were sad, because they couldn’t touch her and you can guess the rest!

After a while, I said enough! This is the “New Age” and I should be able to just leave my body and go see her, just like my mom taught me.

And so, I duly laid my body in the small Motel 6 bathtub, went into gentle, but ever so powerful circular breathing and became nothing.

Eventually, I found myself about l000 feet above the earth. I decided to “fly” to Kutira rather than simply materialize there. Off I flew, over the Pacific, seeing the Sun rise over the earth. Having just past the Hawaiian Islands (as a marker for me) all of a sudden, Wham!

In front of me was a giant blue whale. Big! Well, I said to the whale “look, I got to go, I am going to see Kutira”. The whale said “Oh, that’s o.k. and Whoooshshsh!

“Where am I?”

“Oh, about 500 feet inside the Ocean” said the whale. At first I was scared, but then I was surrounded by a very warm and mature love. I was merging with the whale. I could see sound, I could taste light. I had color X-ray vision as the whale revealed her body to me. Her undulation was ecstatic and excruciatingly slow (about 30 sec. per).

Then I said something cockeyed and stupid “you know, in my next lifetime I’m going to be a wild female biker and go around raising hell and have lot’s of fun”. Whoosh! All of a sudden, the whales giant eye was right in front of me “this may be your last lifetime!”

Hearing this I felt an awe inspiring fear and anger. The anger coming from the fact that the whales and dolphins may have decided to leave this planet because they feel they can not coexist with humans, for obvious reasons. This was so horrible painful, I couldn’t even look at this and immediately changed the subject.

Being greedy, I said to the whale “you know, the harmonies in my music have become stale and limited with nowhere to go”. The whale said “oh, that’s ridiculous, harmonies are like the number π, they can go on and on and on”. Then the whale showed me scales and harmonies I never dreamed of. This of course has changed my music drastically since then.

A few months later, Kutira and I met a scientist who had just written a book on the scientific study of whale sounds and what was on the cover of the book. Just one symbol…..         ! Gulp!

Raphael and Kutira are recording artists,  teaching Oceanic Tantra at the Kahua Hawaiian Institute and leading Whale Adventures. They have created the Heartwave theater-choir in Maui. Come and join us.