The Essence of Tantra

The Essence of Tantra

By Kutira

Tantra is a way of life.  A tantric approach to life affects more than your sexuality. It affects your whole being-ness, the way you look at life, you relate to friends, family, nature, problems and so on.

Tantra amplifies your experiences as subconscious material surfaces faster. Conscious breathing, meditation, tantric practices heighten the sensitivity of your nervous system and allow consciousness to expand. It provides techniques that empower you as the creator, the source of your own energy force. We are energy.  Tantra teaches us how to become aware of energy, how to channel it, to raise it, exchange it and how to create with it.

It allows us to connect deeper with oneself, with others and with all forms of life. Tantra is about sacredness within, about honoring the temple. We start with our own temple, the body.  Tantra gives us tools to purify, cleanse; tools to recycle our sexual energy, our thoughts, our emotions and beliefs. As  we are recycling in our own temple, our body,  we start recycling in our home,  our relationships, our family and our environment. Tantra is a conscious way of living and enhances our interconnectedness with all.  We can apply Tantra to so many aspects of our life: the way we breath, walk in the forest,  hug a child, embrace a lover or  the way we are at work, organize our playtime, take care of our health. Life becomes our lover.

Tantra brings spirituality into sexuality and awakens new levels of awareness. Our sexual energy is the energy of our creation, our birth right. Tantra stretches our beliefs and our limitations regarding the creative power of sexuality. It teaches us how to expand, to circulate more energy through the whole body.   The frequencies of the energetic vibration flowing through the body are higher and  the attunement to  new levels of pulsation occur.   The pulsation becomes finer and finer and reaches deeper. Our cells become conscious.  We are opening to the orgasmic nature of life. We can be orgasmic in our life at any time. Orgasmic energy is a fine play between intensity and relaxation. Orgasm is not an experience limited to genital release, nor sexual stimulation. Orgasm is an energetic expansion of self. When ever we raise energy  in our body,  surrender to it and allow this energy to move, orgasm can be experienced totally. To be in orgasmic state of consciousness with all life is Tantra.

When you are making love with your beloved, it is more than the action itself. It is a way of life. It is a sacred moment a ritual, a prayer. It is a time for meditation, expansion, exploration, play, communication, deeper healing, and an opportunity to look within. It is the level of consciousness we choose to embrace. Tantra is conscious loving and honors the divinity of sex.

Tantric magic can be created in may different ways. Some couples like to create a ceremonial space before lovemaking by cleansing themselves, putting special sheets on the bed, burning incense or lighting candles. You can connect with your partner by making sounds or OM-ing together, trading massage, by synchronized breathing or visualizing the energy centers of the body uniting. (Chakra merging).  During  lovemaking, both partners can imagine pulling the sexual energy up their spines and letting it flow through their hearts to one another. A man can even delay ejaculation or dispense with it altogether by using the control of ejaculation or by drawing the energy up with his breath, so that multiple full body orgasms can occur. There are many more techniques for mastering the energy of Tantra. There are practices to teach us being-ness rather than doing-ness. The inner attitude and alignment of the lovers create the sacredness of eternity. Much can be accomplished simply by cultivating an open and loving heart.

Kutira and Raphael are Directors and Founders of the Kahua Hawaiian Institute, established 1985. Their 4 vol. CD Essence of Oceanic Tantra is a powerful tool to practice some of the tantric teachings.