Song of the Whale


Sound & Vibration: A way to access our cellular memory

by Kutira Decosterd

The song of the humpback whale is perhaps the most complex signal made by any animal in the world. What does the song mean? What does it bear? Humpback whales sing their songs in Hawaiian waters from November till May. It is also the season when they mate and give birth. All the whales in a certain area sing the same song. And during their 6-month season every aspect of their song slowly changes. Themes drop out and new ones appear, yet all the whales learn theses changes. A humpback song is composed of themes of repeated l5-second phrases. The entire song is maybe 20 minutes long. It is often sung over and over for hours.

Have you ever had the chance to swim in the ocean when the whales are here? To float free in the entrancing sound of a whale? When we allow ourselves to attune with the vibration quality of the sound it becomes possible to have a healing experience. As you hear the sound, you also experience a sympathetic vibration within your own body. It is almost as if you are taking a vibrational bath. You become synchronized with the oneness that exists in all.

On many shamans’ paths, the use of sound and vibration in combination with movement has been used to guide people into trance. One of the most common shamanic instrument is the drum. The rhythm of the drums has been guiding us through aeons of time and is still resonating within us, bringing the memory of our ancestors, dancing their dream awake. Using sound, vibration, and movement is the oldest form of accessing our cellular memory. When I went to Australia I came across an ancient vibrational tool: the Didgeridoo, a sacred traditional Aboriginal wind instrument. The vibrational sound is a key to entering deeper states of consciousness and is used in rituals to enter the Dreamtime states. Playing the Didgeridoo with the sound of the whales and while accepting the rhythm of the wave, the vibrational sound and its healing power allow us to experience a deeper communication with ourselves, each other, and our Mother Earth. As we come to understand animals in a new way, we will come to know ourselves in a new way as well. Perhaps then we will find an  end to the long loneliness that separates us from other creatures and all other life forms.

OCEANIC TANTRA – Sound with touch….