The Art of Sacred Sexual Union

Oceanic Tantra – The Art of Sacred Sexual Union

by Sereena Hogan

Sexuality and Spirituality – itís amazing how many of us still canít even

fathom these two concepts have anything to do with one another.  Yet no matter

how spiritual our focus in this lifetime becomes, until we acknowledge that we

are sexual beings, until we awaken and align all of our chakras, we cannot

experience a state of completeness, wholeness, and balance. When most of us

focus on spirituality, we think of the upper chakras, which have to do with

intellect, intuition, and love, ignoring the lower three chakras, which have

to do with base human needs and emotions. But how can we expect to be fully

alive, fully actualized human beings when we have excluded vital parts of

ourselves?  Most fundamentalist religions – even most Indian and Arabian

philosophies – focus on the elimination or avoidance of bodily pleasures.

Tantra, on the other hand, welcomes the full expression of physical pleasure.

Tantra is an ancient mystical path that offers an all-embracing vision of

cosmic harmony. The word Tantra has been defined in many ways. Some claim it

comes from the Sanskrit word for fabric or tapestry. Others say it comes from

two Sanskrit words: Tanoti, which means to expand consciousness, and Trayoti,

which means to liberate consciousness.  So, one could say, Tantra involves the

expansion or liberation of consciousness, making it the fabric of life. In

Western countries, the word Tantra has become synonymous with sexuality, yet

the Tantric vision is vast, stretching far beyond the realms of love and

sexuality, ebracing body, mind, heart, and spirit. Most Tantrikas agree that

Tantra involves the weaving together of the seeming opposite expressions of

life force energy… male and female, yin and yang, light and dark, spirit and

matter, masculine and feminine… into a state of passionate, ecstatic Sacred


Whether you have a sexual partner in your life or not, or even if you have

chosen the path of celibacy, many of the techniques taught in Tantra can be

used to help you become aware of and learn to tap into your sexual energy.

Many people, including enlightened teachers and religious figures,

misunderstand the real meaning of celibacy. True celibacy is not a denial or

suppression of sexual energy.  True celibacy is when one chooses to focus or

channel sexual energy, in non-sexual ways, into other areas of life. Our

bodies are made up of layers of invisible energy in form. Second Chakra

energy, or sexual energy is the creative force. This energy can be channeled

into oneís sex life, or it can be used to fuel oneís passion, whether it be

art, music, sewing, cooking, writing, sports, or whatever makes your heart


Sexual energy is the most powerful force within the human body and can lead

to profound spiritual experiences accompanied by intense physical pleasure and

bliss. Although Tantra encourages bodily pleasures, it is not a hedonistic

practice.  It requires full awareness and consciousness of the energies that

flow through all living things. Tantrikas become a part of the primal energy

of all that is and use their sexual energy with awareness, love, and respect.

In Tantra, the orgasm is with the Universe.

Developed by world renown musician Raphael (best known for his Music to

Disappear In I and II, and Angels of the Deep) and Kutira Decosterd, Oceanic

Tantra is a shamanic experience – a way to explore sexuality using yoga,

meditation, breathwork, massage, sexual healing, loving rituals, dance, music,

theater, powerful visualizations, and positive ceremonial practices. This

unique form of Tantric expression, inspired by the dynamic ebb and flow of the

ocean itself, provides a planetary vision and connects participants with all

living forms. Dolphins and whales are a source of inspiration and an important

bridge to Tantra. Their conscious breathing and undulatory movements are

similiar to the breathing and movement techniques taught in traditional

Tantric practices. These practices move the cerebrospinal fluid and the

Kundalini force (the bodyís biological life-energy system) from the base of

the spine to the brain, creating an energy frequency sometimes referred to as

God, or Goddess, the Divine, the Force, or Oneness. When we are in touch with

the pulse of these waves of energy, everything becomes orgasmic … we can

make love to everything, letting go of all barriers to pure bliss!

Raphael and Kutira of Maui, Hawaii, are internationally known for their

transformative recordings, live performance, seminars, and rituals. Kutira, a

psychotherapist, has studied ancient Tantric traditions with great masters

from the East and West for over 18 years and is respected throughout the world

for her unique experiences with whales and dolphins. Rapheal spent ten years

at the Esalen Insitutite as a mucician and teacher and was a principal

musician for Gabrielle Roth and the Mirrors for 13 years. Through their union,

they create passionate and dynamic ways to bring greater consciousness to the

area of sexuality and spirituality. They live together in Maui, Hawaii, and

are directors of the Kahua Hawaiian Institute for Inner Transformation. Their

albums, The Calling, and Tantric Wave, are highly valued by people from all

walks of life. They will be sharing their music and Oceanic Tantra teachings

in Tucson April 30 – May 3.