Tantra and Music

TANTRA MAGAZINE Article by Amy Hubert

Kutira Decosterd is the founder of the Kahua Hawaiian Institute, and an internationally acknowledged Tantra teacher and creator of Oceanic Tantra. She synthesizes music, Tantra Yoga, psychology and marine biology in her teachings, which combine practices of energy-raising, meditation, and sexual ecstasy with a planetary vision and dolphin consciousness. Kutiras’s albums include : “Tantric Wave”, an invitation to intimate exploration of sexual love towards God; “Tantric Wave Ritual”, where Kutira’s voice gently guides a journey into Tantric love-making; and “Into the Dreamtime”,  trance music that fuses the songs of dolphins and whales with the vibration of the Didgeridoo in a ritualistic way.

Raphael has studied at San Francisco Conservatory of Music, played rock n’roll, concert piano, “gypsy” violin, drummed for an African dance company, composed and performed country and western songs. He has played extensively in work shops for many Tantra teachers and assisted over 80 workshop leaders including  l3 years with Gabrielle Roth. Raphael’s albums, produced by Hearts of Space, include “Music to Disappear in”, angelic music changing to drums and bamboo flute; “Music to Disappear In II”, celestial renaissance music changing to an earthy tribal sound with drums and romantic “gypsy” violin, which is excellent music for practicing Tantra.

Both Kutira and Rapahel are a practicing Tantric couple holding the vision of Oceanic Tantra. Kutira explains, “Oceanic Tantra is a vision which connects us with the principles of life and all living forms  through the waves in our bodies. When you are in touch with the pulse of these waves everything becomes orgasmic. You can make love to everything”. For them, Tantra is not just sex, it is a vastly profound exchange of subtle vibrations. As Kutira says,  “Tantra is not a technique, its a path – the path of the heart.” Rapahel explains further, “Without emotions Tantra is just a technique. The heart is what carries into the universe. It is mature heart that will bring ultimate ecstasy on this planet”.

This music is rooted in live performing, often created in a workshop setting, where the listeners, dancers, and musicians can interact directly. Rpahael explains, “My music follows the dancer rather than the dancer following the music. I become the dancer. I go into their chakras (psychically) and know all about them. It is  kind of union”.

In a live setting such as a Tantric Puja Ritual everyone in the room is a participant.  The spiritual vibrations are encoded in the music leaving a physical imprint in the bodies and souls of all participating in the ritual. Raphael reflects. “ As I play a harmony I can smell the perfume in the air. The sound changes the chemicals in the air to where you can smell the music”. The vibrational field that the music sets up allows highly developed spiritual forces to enter into the sacred space. Raphael says,  “In many traditions, whenever you have ceremonies, it’s easier for the spirit guides to come down. It takes a lot of love for them to come down. Love is the food”.

The recorded music is intended to inspire its listeners, retaining some of the imprint of the live experience. Kutira says, “The music is a spiritual message. We hold a vision of unity. We hope that our music will carry this message out into world”.

Raphael talks about the music as it takes form, “It begins with African drums moving the pelvis. The congas bring fire and warmth as the spirit moves into the body. The harmonies and chords touch the heart. The melodies are the affirmation for the mind”.

Kutira studies the undulating movement and breath patterns of the whales and dolphins. She uses theses as blueprints in her workshops to help people move energy through their bodies. She explains, “Their conscious breathing and undulatory movement is similar to the conscious breathing and wave movement taught in traditional Tantric practices. The wave-like movement and breath is providing a direct experience to attune to the Tantric pulsation of the Universe”.

The Didgeridoo, like the dolphins and whales, has a very penetrating vibrational sound. Kutira uses this aboriginal Australian instrument to create altered states of consciousness and move energy in people’s bodies. She explains, “I use it like a laser beam. It activates and awakes the Kundalini to flow up the spine”.

In the workshop setting, Kutira and Raphael work in a intuitive, spontaneous, and heartfelt way. Each person, doing the same simple exercise has its own and profound experience. Raphael talks about the cutting edge of their work, “We are starting to teach how to make love in a way that transcends time and space”.  They teach weekend workshops on the Mainland and 5 day Oceanic Tantra retreats in the beautiful sensual setting of Maui in Hawaii with their teaching partner Moonjay.

Asked where they are going artistically, Raphael responds, “I think the highest form of art is theater as it incorporates everything.” Kutira elaborates, “At a Tantric performance we can invite the whole audience to participate in breathing, moving and connecting with each other”. Their work on Oceanic Tantra got recently featured on a segment of HBO called “Real Sex 4”, and they are doing live shows in Europe.  They are also working on a new album where their intent is to work with the planetary energies. Its current working title is “Riding the Orgasmic Waves”.

To order music or find out about OCEANIC TANTRA Performances, Seminars, Workshops and Events in Hawaii, the mainland, or Europe contact: The Kahua Hawaiian Institute, P.O Box l747, Makawao, HI, 96768 (808) 572 6006   Fax: (808) 572 0088.