Feel Your Feet

Feel Your Feet

by Lisa Gebbia

For the past year, I have been creating individually blended essential oils to share with the world. The names of the blends were not easy to come up with and I was struggling not to judge myself on my so-called “lack of perfection” with words. In the back of my head, I could hear one of my Teachers, Bhagawan Das’, voice saying that aromatherapy was one of my paths: as it had come up in an astrology reading. The frustration was building, but this was all about to change…

This past summer solstice, I participated in an “Off the Grid” day. No electricity, gas range for cooking, no phones of ANY kind, driving the car for “easy” food was not part of the day, and sundown was a time of reflection. It was very peaceful, invigorating, and also challenging as it was hot and very humid here in Chicago. During one of the many times of meditation that day, information just began to come to me. Names, Oils to use, how to describe it all. My “Grounding Oil” became Feel Your Feet. A phrase my beloved Martin and I have been using since our retreat with Kutira and Raphael anytime we feel ungrounded. (in an argument, hiking in the woods, classes that we have taught…) A phrase that anyone who has ever taken one of their retreats is very familiar with! I can just see Raphael standing there stomping the ground whenever I use the phrase. Brilliant.

I recently sent them a bottle as a gift and was blessed in return with an invitation to write a story about my inspiration. It became a long-winded story about a simple, powerful phrase and how it has stayed with me for many years.

It is with gratitude that My Grounding to the Earth Oil has been christened officially, “Feel Your Feet.” Thank you Kutira and Raphael for the beauty and simplicity of your work, and all the support I have received from you the past few years.

“Feel Your Feet” Essential Oil
Includes pure essential oils of Patchouli, Cypress, Cedarwood and Tsuga. Root to the earth through the soles of your feet. Ground your energy everyday so that daily life seems to affect you less. Situations “roll off” of you easier.