Music & Composing Lessons

Have you ever dreamed of being able to sing or to play an instrument? To compose freely and listen to the rhythm of your heart? To dance, express, and know you are truly an expression of the divine?

If so, I wholeheartedly recommend a session with Raphael – but be aware he is not a normal teacher. How could he ever got me to sing,  if he was not extraordinary, genius, creative, and sensitive?

I actually believed I had no voice and could not sing. Once Raphael was in my life I had to change that belief; he unearthed that part of me, which you have too, and started to celebrate my soul’s expression and showed me how I could do the same.

Now, I love to perform, sing, compose, and yes, I have recorded many albums with Raphael under the Kahua Records label.

If you have ever had a dream to sing or dance, Raphael is your teacher…. and he is the best.

(P.S. I am sure you noticed that I am his wife, Kutira,  and love him, but honestly, I have not met anybody else that has his musical caliber and gift of finding your souls creative expression.)

Please contact us and Raphael can put together a specially-tailored program that meets your needs and what you would like to accomplish during your stay with us.