Life Coaching via Skype

…. a great way to navigate through life with an ease and intention that brings joy and passion into your daily actions.

Kutira loves supporting people on their path to discover life to the fullest. These sessions can be taken whether you are on Maui visiting the retreat center, or wherever you call home.

Are you ready to take your being to the next step?

Are you ready to welcome clarity and a road map that guides you to what you want to celebrate now?

“Sometimes you need another person to confirm that you are on the right track, or a skilled listener to help you unplug your inner ears so you can listen to your heart.” Kutira

These coaching sessions with Kutira are also great gifts to friends that may need some loving care to move forward on their path of fulfilling their dreams.   Skype conferencing technology is a great tool; even if we are far apart, the session feels like sitting together in a room and having a chat that truly matters and shifts you to the next adventure – being alive and living your calling.

Private Coaching Sessions with Kutira
$150 per hour. Visa and Mastercard accepted.