WE OFFER (incl. Skype Sessions)


So many wonderful teachings and practices!

Most of our sessions are even available via Skype video conferencing. It is truly amazing that we have this technology and can support you where ever YOU are.

Please contact our office  if you would like to have more detailed information about a particular private session. Let us know if you plan to visit us at our Maui Retreat or if you would like to schedule it via Skype. We accept Mastercard or Visa.

Kutira & Raphael together: $250.00 per hour.
Kutira OR Raphael separately: $150.00 per hour.
For your first session we recommend 1 1/2 hours.

“Far more than we could have imagined. … That’s what we usually hear after 25 years of giving private sessions. There is a certain unique expression and mature love in these sessions that creates a safe space to go deep into our own being, body as well as soul. We invite you to discover which session would give you the perfect support in unfolding the next level of your inner wisdom.