Embodied Spirituality & Sustainability


Deepening the Sense of Being with Ourselves and Each Other

Join us for a life-changing experience as you find a new understanding of the peace and solidity which is the center of your life.

“When you are connected to the fullness of your heart, you are connected to the divine.”

This is a retreat where words and techniques are left behind. Our ecological-sustainable retreat center and the tropical ambiance of Maui serves as a healing mecca for an enrapturing journey of the body, mind, and spirit. This experience moves along through several exciting days and includes shamanic ritual and ceremony which work at every level of consciousness, far deeper than the rational or verbal. It engages the totality of your being, which creates unity, bonding us to each other and aligning us with the universal cycles of life. It’s all about magic, channeling life energy, and visualizing with the sense of sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste, and feeling.

This sacred retreat allows you to focus powerful, creative energy in a way that “makes things happen”. In a truly relaxing atmosphere, you’ll experience ancient Taoist and Tantric secrets brought to life within a modern context. Powerful, yet simple, these concepts will change your attitudes toward sharing love in a profound way. As the program unfolds, a mature and heartfelt group energy emerges which allows deep intimacy and freedom of expression.

Topics that will be explored include:

  • Techniques of using life energy for health and longevity
  • How to communicate more authentically and increase intimacy
  • Ways for men and women to connect more deeply to Mother Earth and awaken their Eco-Soul
  • Opening the body temple to receive more of life for deeper ways of living
  • Shamanic ritual and ceremony
  • Practical guidance on adopting spirituality and sustainability into daily living
  • And SO much more…..

Raphael and Kutira are senior teachers at the Kahua Hawaiian Institute, a school based on modern and ancient teachings, founded in 1985. They are committed to supporting others in living consciously, totally, and with scientific ecological sustainability. In the Hawaiian Programs, you may find yourself surrendering to hidden sacred pools, black and red sand beaches, and the lotus-blue waters of the Pacific. Come partake of a land with swaying palm trees and ancient volcanoes. Feast on the thick and smoldering scent of plumeria, or the sweet, tingling melody of night-blooming jasmine. Every sensual delight awaits you!

All programs are designed for both individuals and couples.