Agless Spirit ~ Awakened Body!

A week to enliven your Body, Mind, and Spirit.
Rejuvenation Retreat for Awakened Living!

Explore new ways of nurturing your awakening body and empowering your soul.

• Discover the groundbreaking Body-Mind-Morphing HCG Program
• Nurture yourself with holistic healing modalities
• Regenerate yourself with sacred oils
• Alkalize, cleanse, and detoxify your whole body
• Celebrate with the arts of music, vision, and dance
• Cultivate happiness and joy
• Cultivate daily practices of quieting the mind
• Connect with your essential self and higher purpose
• Reconnect with your divine inner feminine
• Adventure to ancient places and feel the heart and soul of this magical island
• Hike to secret waterfalls, bamboo forests, swim in the blue warm water, and meet dolphins

This retreat is a collaboration of some of the most gifted teachers.