Maui Retreat 2017

Connecting to the fullness of your Heart ~ your Souls Passion

Are you ready to immerse yourself into an enrapturing journey of body, mind, and spirit?Waterfall

We invite you to a 7- day journey to our ecological-sustainable retreat center in the tropical ambiance of Maui.

Our land is known by the ancient Hawaiian’s as “Resting Place of Mature Souls”.
It is a sacred land with a history of many miracles. It is a place where people come and experience their own power in a dynamic way and make decisions about their life.
“Kahua” means “To Empower the Wisdom from Within”.

The embodiment of source is your homecoming to deepen your sense of being. In giving and receiving love in an essential way you will activate the unique signature of your own inner wisdom and passion.
Kutira and Raphael have a unique talent for teaching deep and profound Eastern and Western techniques in a fun and pleasurable way. They are also known for teaching in a clear and simple way:

Simple meaning ~ easy to duplicate

Clear meaning ~ easy to understand.

Meditation Temple

In the arms of Mother Maui, we will explore specific meditation techniques, mindfulness training, breath-work, conscious sensory awakening, listening and speaking from the heart in an authentic way that supports a transformational opening for self-examination.

We will create a sacred space with live music that enhances our exploration of the vast landscape of our mind, body and soul.
This inner wisdom is within you, ready to be awakened, so you can live fully in the present.Land:Property

In this week-long retreat you will discover new and valuable insights and practices that will allow you to engage with life in new spontaneous and creative ways. We invite you to explore radical shifts in your perception of reality.

Are you ready to immerse yourself into the mystery of your soul?

You are the central heartbeat of creation. You are the hologram of the whole, connected to every living thing. When you live with that awareness, it creates a chain reaction that breaks through all limited thinking.

First we fine-tune our hearts. We listen to and open our hearts. We allow the creation of new opportunities to transform our lives with a deeper and more mature love for ourselves, our families and our community.

Through the heart ~ the Eco Soul awakens.

Through the heart ~ the Divine feminine and Divine masculine are emerging to redefine our human experience.

Through the heart we learn to protect and restore balance to nature, and cultivate sustainability and healthy living on this precious planet, called Mother Earth.

Join us ~ and birth the consciousness of the Eco Soul that propagates the ever-widening circle of sustainable consciousness on this planet.Maui_Statue

Raphael has a unique talent for helping you tap into your personal, one of a kind, awesome expression of your soul’s purpose. You will feel a sense of freedom, liberation and universal connection with life that will be yours to keep. Click here to full biography

Kutira’s intuitive energy work helps you detect limiting beliefs and release them. She helps you enjoy a new way of embracing yourself that will bring you more joy in this self-discovering journey of your own inner world. Click here to full biography

Come join us in this Hawaiian Program.
Explore the 5 Rhythms of life
Dive into your 5 senses
Dance your life’s story
Discover the music within you
Investigate your beliefs
Create the new you
Enjoy Yin Yoga
Learn Chinese Taoist Techniques of using primal life energy for health and longevity
Practice soul to soul communication for cleansing and increased intimacy
Meditate with nature at the most amazing
Places ~ on our land
… and explore some of the best kept secrets on Maui…

Every sensual delight awaits you!Meditation Temple

You may find yourself surrendering to hidden sacred pools, white sand beaches, and the lotus-blue waters of the Pacific. Partake of this tropical paradise with swaying palm trees and ancient volcanoes. Feast on the thick and smoldering scent of sweet tropical flowers. Drink a fresh coconut, pick a banana from the tree, squeeze a ‘lilikoi’ ~ passion fruit into your mouth and feed your coffee grinds to our Earth worms. Let your entire being resonate with the healing power of this island.

All programs are designed for both individuals and couples.
Our retreat center space is limited.

Price for the this retreat TBA

A non-refundable, transferable deposit of $300 will secure your participation.
Upon registration you will receive valuable information how to prepare for this journey. We are looking forward to host you with us!

thai deck

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact