Environmental Presentations

It has been my pleasure to share my journey as a certified Permaculture designer and one of the early co-creator of the bamboo movement. Raphael and I host from time to time wonderful gatherings where we share the latest inovaton on green thinking.

When a new inspiring movie is available we love to invite those who like to come and take the information to the next level.

Stay tuned and feel invited to inquire in our office “What is happening”. Also when we travel we always love to be hosted for a presentation on sharing our journey into the deep green of many wonders.

Stay tuned for our up-coming movie “The Dance of Earth & Spirit”.

Permaculture Teaching
Join us for the month of July every Sunday from 9 am to 2 pm. Claire Kellerman, a dynamic teacher of permaculture, will guide us into 5 diffrent modules of permaculture. Price: $30 per class