“Music is the language of the soul”

It has been our deepest longing to express the beauty of the soul to you in our music.  When I met Raphael I did not know how to sing, he discovered that source in me, which also is in you. If you would like to find out more about our music and the journey that has accompanied us, please visit our KahuaRecords site. See the pictures of some of the concerts we have given and you may be inspired to come to see us live or visit us in Maui.

Kutira and Raphael’s  concerts are truly an unforgettable shamanic experience. Starting with delicate soft transcendental music (including Raphael’s psychic readings set to music on members of the audience) we rise into Kutira’s powerful Hawaiian Chants and didgeridoo playing.

From here we travel into new realms of music including “Communion”, “Prayers for Russia”, and the “Lost Concerto of Bach”. We usually end with a passionate trance dance where everyone can shake out and experience their bodies as light waves. These concerts can be described as walk, run, fly….hyperspace!

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