What is Embodied Spirituality?

Embodied Spirituality creates, sustains and energizes choices that awaken and birth the ‘Eco Soul.’ Such choices set a course that spirals into a profound relationship between our bodies and our spirit’s life intention. In living Embodied Spirituality, one gains an even greater altitude of perception and honoring of the body as an instrument of the divine.It is this knowingness that guides us when we quiet ourselves and allow the dust of our mind’s chatter to settle, so that a higher vision can be revealed.The embodiment of our spirituality is a homecoming to deepen our sense of being and activate the unique signature of our inner wisdom of body and mind.Consider your body a living temple of the divine, supported by a Mother Earth who holds all the sustainable resources for life itself. Now imagine, as you read these words, that your very own body is the most precious gift you are given and the home of your gentle being, your soul, your spirit. Your body’s ability to regenerate itself daily is a result of its aliveness. Aliveness is the very essence of embodying spirituality.

The bridge to true life force flows through our sensual and sexual energies, but these energies are often overlooked and misunderstood. Our sexual energies unite and link us, through the body, to the soul and spirit. Honoring sexual energy strengthens the body in multitudes of ways we can hardly imagine. Sensual and sexual energy coursing through us, unimpeded by fears or social conditions, can cleanse emotions and free our life expressions to ever greater heights and clarity. Sexual energy is a bridge to spirituality and if openly explored is a way to greater self-actualization.

Spirituality means developing ourselves!

Embodying spirit consciously generates vitality, expanding the connection to our larger earth body. This connection awakens us to choices that sustain life force.  This is where the ‘Eco Soul’ is activated, releasing inspired knowing and ageless information.

Sustainability is Spiritual

An Expression of Ageless Spirit and Awakened Body

As we awaken the ‘Eco-Soul’, a phrase we coined many years ago, caring for our earth is no longer a ‘should”, but part of a love affair with life.  Each act of an ‘Eco-Soul’ serves humanity and the environment through awareness of the requirement for sustainability, responsibility, and care for the sacredness of all life.

” Kutira and Raphael give root to the magic of love and music in daily life.
It is a blessing to have such ecstatic friends who know how to ride between the worlds”
– Margot Anand, Author of The Art of Everyday Ecstacy