Founders & Directors

Kutira and Raphael are the founders and directors of the Kahua Hawaiian Institute, established in 1985, dedicated to the power and wisdom from within, supporting personal growth and global transformation.

Together they own the Maui Eco Retreat, a sustainable organic tropical paradise in Hawaii, where they offer a deepening of their transformational work, teaching students from all over the world.

Kutira and Raphael have been married for over 25 years. It is through their years of partnership and personal journeys that lead them to their own awakening.

This awakening journey would become the primary body of their work Embodied Spirituality and Sustainability ~ the Awakening of the Eco-Soul.

They both have unique talents for teaching deeply, profound Eastern and Western wisdom. Coming from a long linage of great teachers, their passion for transformational awakening and expression continues to inspire and touch their hearts.

Among their accomplishments are books, music and guided meditation recordings, movies and many International TV and radio appearances.

For a more detailed bio and accomplishments as visionaries, therapist, musicians, authors, film makers, spiritual environmental activists and learn what passions make their hearts sing:  Click here!

“Work is love made visible.” – Kahlil Gibran

“When ever we perform a wedding, a concert, a ritual or share our love of teaching, we feel blessed and honored. One of the Tantric principles says: ‘when you give, you receive.’ Together we spiral to higher grounds and the sweetness of harmony fills the air.” Kutira & Raphael